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Air pollution in India

Clean India ,Green India

Save India.Fight from pollution

Air pollution in India has reached it alarming levels.

Our Lungs are dying and our kids are in not safe any more in such polluted environment.

It will not go down unless and until we all come together to save the world from this deadly situation.

Here are few steps we can take to contribute in some good things for our future generations:

  • Plant more trees in your locality.If u dont have gardens atleast have flower pots in your balconies.Make your balconies green.
  • Use public mode of transport like metro for commuting.Car pooling is also a good option
  • Use CNG in your cars.
  • Each and every citizen should abide by the 3Rs: Recycle, Reuse, Reduce.
  • Controlling the use of energy and making use of electricity in an efficient manner.
  • Ensure your waste and garbage is properly collected and disposed.
  • Reduce the use of chemicals, cleaning agents, pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers etc.
  • Do not throw garbage on roads.
  • Avoid fireworks.
  • Use Long chimneys in factories.
  • Dont left factory waste untreated.

Some Quick Facts about air pollution in India:

  1. Over 100 million households in India use such stoves (chullahs) every day, 2–3 times a day. Continue Reading

How to Take Care of a 32 Week Premature Baby


It’s really hard for every mother to take care of a baby who as premature as just 32 weeks. Such babies need intensive care and deep attention as their lungs are very weak.

1-Do not panic. Be calm and patient and ready to work very hard for next few years.
2-Have a soft place for them. Premature babies are very delicate so at the very first step arrange very soft mattress for your baby.
3-Find a way to gently nurse your infant. As baby is not strong enough to take mothers feed directly, feed him mothers milk with the help of spoon and bowl. Mothers milk can be refrigerated and given to baby by keeping the milk bowl in lukewarm water. Never heat the milk directly.
4-Massage your baby thrice a day very gently. Massage with olive oil or some good oil which suits the baby. Remember it should be very gentle – don’t rub.
5-Be careful when bathing your baby. Your baby is very soft so don’t take him for bath directly. Instead gave him a sponge bath with lukewarm water.
6-Don’t be concerned (too much) if the baby throws up a lot. Premature babies vomit very frequently. So mothers don’t get upset. If your baby vomits don’t give up. Wait for 15-20 minutes and make your baby eat again. Vomit may be part of daily routine for your baby till he is 5 years old, so don’t be scared of that.
7-Feed your baby every 2 hours or in less that 2 hours if he is hungry.
8-Eat healthy. Mothers take a very healthy diet because its your milk who will give strength to your baby. Try taking some soup made from bones. This will prove to be a miracle for your baby.
9-Also take care of shape of baby’s head. Lying on one side for longer duration can make that side flat. So keep changing baby’s position while he is sleeping.
10-Use hand sanitiser before touching the baby. Do not allow many people to touch or hold the baby.