Tashi Delek and Well Come All!

The fast paced advancement of technology in today's time has prompted an impulsive dependency on the Internet. While the boom in the Information technology has enhanced the abilities of today's youth with easy access to a wide range of inexhaustible global knowledge , it has all the same almost severed them from their basic roots- language, culture, custom, tradition, history. To cut it short, while we have no dearth of talented, well educated, smart youths to take on all the challenges of the modern world.


To face the challenges of modernisation, on the one hand and on the other hand to reap the benefits of the flourishing technological innovations, we have decided on a multi lingual website for our Lhopos or the Sikkimese Bhutias around the world. Through the website we wish to promote, protect and preserve our unique ethnicity against the ravages of time. The website for which the planning is afoot aims to cater to the interests of infant learners to expert users of the Sikkimese Bhutia Language, Custom, Culture and Tradition. The beginners section of the site will have simple lessons and activities designed to acquaint the learners with basics of language development - alphabets, word building, sentence formations, formal greetings and exchanges of terms of daily use. All these exercises will be supported by pictures that will familiarise the learners with the actual matter of their learning

and sounds will also be attached to these pictures to take care of the ways of pronunciation of the words and phrases. A section for the expert users of the language will be well stocked with standardised information about everything aimed to feed the hungry curiosity of enlightened researchers' intellect. The site aims to serve the needs of all Resource Persons, Researchers, and Intellectuals, interested in Sikkimese Bhutia's language, culture, custom, tradition, history so on and so forth. The site will also have a section set aside for a Thesaurus/Dictionary that will have the English equivalent of Bhutia words and phrases and simple definition of difficult terms will also be attached wherever needed. The especial highlight of the site will be a section where learners and interested individuals can a put up online questions related to Sikkimese Bhutia's language, religion, history, custom, culture and tradition and be satisfied with accurate knowledge from expert administrators. Apart from the language development materials the site will also be fully equipped with history, folklores, traditional music, songs, dances (culture) and custom that was and that is evolving with the changing time of the Sikkimese Bhutias.

Thank You all!

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